(207) Entertainment is a for profit business that was originally established as In the Crib Productions by Scott W. Jordan, Founder and President on June 18th, 1995. This company specializes in and is not limited to a: booking agency, disc jockey service, production, promotion, management, and marketing.

One of the company’s major goals is to establish an entertainment venue within the state of Maine in which to enable our youth to set a goal and then fulfill it. In addition to creating a vehicle in which to provide a venue for up and coming artists to have a well controlled, major one-stop-shop entertainment establishment, i.e.: audio / video distribution, promotion, production, management, marketing, and artist development. This will enable us to create the perfect project.

Below are some of the events produced and promoted by (207) Entertainment:

“2nd Annual Charity Comedy Basketball Game” with the Harlem Superstars Showtime Comedy Basketball Team!

This year’s event was more of the same exciting skills and comedy with a few new twists. Like last year, two players from the Superstars team made appearances at several local schools in the days leading up to the event spreading educational messages to the students.

(207) Entertainment’s primary goal for promoting these annual events is to raise money for local charitable organizations while providing family-friendly events. This year we were able to surpass our donation from last year by 2 to 1.

“1st Annual Charity Comedy Basketball Game” with the Harlem Rockets Showtime Comedy Basketball Team!

This event took place at The South Portland High School Gymnasium. The Harlem Rockets combined incredible show-time basketball skills with hilarious comedy for all in attendance.

The most important part of this event took place before the first fan walked through the gym doors. The Rockets believe in educating America’s youth both on and off the courts. That is why Rick “7 Footer” Lopes and Chris “Super Chicken” Turnquest made appearances at Mahoney and Memorial Middles Schools in the days prior to the event. Both Mr. Lopes and Mr. Turnquest understand that kids need to hear positive messages regarding staying in school, peer pressure, and drug/alcohol abuse from sources other than at home.

“Fashion Fest” which took place at The Auburn Mall, in Auburn Maine! This event was another, combination fashion show, and R&B, hip hop concert, and live disc jockey music.

“Rap & Dunk” This event was a combination of a celebrity basketball team of hip hop artists from New York City, who played two quick pick up games against a local team sponsored by Luiggi’s Pizza of Lewiston, Maine. After playing in the basketball games, those same artists then performed many of their current hits on stage while a fashion show was being performed.

“1st Annual Increase the Peace Hip Hop Festival” This event was Lewiston, Maine’s fourth and newest summer festival at that time. According to Charlie Pomerleau staff writer for The Lewiston Sun Journal “This event was a total success by all accounts.”

Though small and newly formed, (207) Entertainment has set very high but obtainable goals for itself. With hard work, determination, and self sacrifice, our hopes are within the next five to ten years to become one of the most well known entertainment companies in New England. There is no doubt (207) Entertainment Inc. will soon become a well known and reputable name within New England, as well as throughout the Entertainment Industry.